«These rugs are substantial» Heavy-duty and well-made. They will last for years and add color to my condo»
 Bob Fredenburg.     Akron OH
«This rug is just beautiful!» It is perfect for my home and hard-wood flooring!                                              
  Kim B. Wintersville  OH
«I have never seen any carpet like these. They are unique, colorful and a work of art»                                     
Marge O. Valley City OH
«My daughter needed color for her apartment in NYC. This carpet was just exactly what she wanted»          
Barb W. Wooster OH   and Manhattan NYC
«A shyrdak is more than a carpet. They are art. They are culture. They are a conversation piece. I built a coffee table to showcase my shyrdak» My family will treasure it for years to come.
 Joe F. Millersburg OH