Traditional kyrgyz carpets are one of the incredible arts of the Kyrgyz people and an integral part of their cultural heritage. Knowledge, skills, diversity, the semantics of ornamentation, and the ceremonies of creating carpets are all important cultural components, providing Kyrgyz people with a sense of identity and continuity. The making of Kyrgyz felt carpets is inseparably linked to the everyday life of nomads, who used felt carpets to warm and decorate their homes. Creation of felt carpets demands unity among the community and fosters the transmission of traditional knowledge – as a rule by older women who are normally concentrated in rural and mountainous areas, to younger women within the family. Kyrgyz carpets traditional art is in danger of disappearing, however. The number of practitioners is diminishing, with most over forty years of age. The lack of governmental safeguarding, the disinterest of the younger generation, the dominance of inexpensive synthetic carpets, and the poor quality and low availability of raw materials are exacerbating the situation. As a result carpets have practically disappeared from Kyrgyz homes and now this art under serious threat of being lost.

     Each rug is unique. Because they are all handmade, sizes, colors, and patterns vary drastically. All carpets are made of 100% hand-picked high quality wool from the mountainous regions, Tian Shen mountains. The wool is extremely high quality and rugs typically last 40 years or more if use properly.